busra yeltekin

I am a professional architect/ photographer / visual artist who loves to travel in space and time. Currently,  I am focused on improving and advancing my photographic eye through my studies in architectural design, concentrating on the effect of architectural space on human figures with varying light, shadow and metarial.

I received my Bachelor of Architecture from BAU (Istanbul) and Mukogawa Women's University, (Osaka) in 2010. Living in Japan improved my architectural point of view as well as, my artistic vision into being simple and showing what is wanted to be shown precisely.

As I was very eager to learn and experiment, I continued my studies to obtain my Master's degree in Architectural Design Computing at Istanbul Technical University and MediaArchitecture at the Bauhaus University Weimar in 2015.




                             It is always a pleasure to get in touch for any projects and collaborations.

                                  E : busrayltkn@gmail.com